May 6 2013-

-I just finished this spring Hoboken Art and Music Festival 2013. Beautiful day beautiful people good show.

I'm glad everybody survived super storm Sandy. Everyone was in really good spirits.

-I'll be exhibiting at Sweet Creams Café this June and July 2013. It's in Stroudsburg, PA 18360  on main street.

It's a brand-new series of mostly landscapes. SCC is known for great art exhibits and fantastic food.

-I'll be in Bethlehem Mother's Day weekend. May 11 and 12th on Main Street next to the Bethlehem Hotel.

May 17

-Love that little town of Bethlehem. Despite heavy downpours on Saturday and 30mph winds on Sunday, I had a great show and met old fans and new ones. Really classy place and peaple.

-Remember you can buy on the website now.

_ Also I have puchased and am now printing giclee's (archival prints on canvas) on the Epson 7880. I will create a special catagory for these editions.

June 4

-Hot show in nyc but the first week was cool. Met some great people.

-Just finished hanging paintings at sweet creams.

-Hi, i will write about my summer after the last show. but whoa thanks to you all for the few minutes i get to spend with you.

Thousands of you stopped to say hi and buy. So grateful to everyone.



Ok so IT's impossible to do everything. Just finished a mega show summer and I can't thank you all enough. What a great year!!!!

10/15 Hi Just bought a new house and a shedio or shtudio, ha, that;s a shed, 12x24. 

There are 2 other "sheds" that where here. They actually brought the big 'shed' in on a flat trailer  and set it in place. 

I have to insulate and sheetrock it.