hi guys, i paint about 25-30 custom paintings a year.

i am used to walking through ideas and seeing what you want.

they are available in any size down to the half inch, also available in one to four inch thicknesses.

naturally we can gear a color sceme in any direction

look at some of the paintings and see if you get an idea about that special place in your home.

we would email ideas and back and forth till we come up with a good one.

after that i cut the canvas and stretch it and prime it.

depending on the composition it usually takes 4-5 weeks.

i pack all my canvas myself if it needs to be shipped, saving worry and money.

a 24x30 inch piece is around $25 to ship to florida, for example.

The cost is $1-$2 a sq. in.

the cool thing is, you get to help with composition plus.

contact me at tshanley@aol.com or 1.917.940.0050